Introducing CellWest Group

CellWest Group (CWG) is a retail management organization specifically created to focus on the opportunity created by Cellairis for mobile device repair, starting with the store-in-store concept within WalMart stores.

CWG was founded by a seasoned team of entrepreneurs and C-level executives with deep and wide experience in retail, electronics, finance, operations and scaling business opportunities.

CellWest Group (CWG) is a retail operator of Cellairis in Walmart brand franchised consumer electronics repair and accessory locations. We are a team of eight seasoned operators with over 200 cumulative years of experience in the wireless, finance, insurance, retail and other relevant industries. It is our goal to scale this project quickly to approximately 500 locations nationwide.

Vision statement:
Operate “Best-in-Class” wireless and electronic repair service & sales centers recognized by our customers for excellence in overall customer care, and;
Create a transformational retail experience through organizational excellence that attracts and rewards superior employees and maximizes profit for our stakeholders.

Mission statement:
“Rapidly restoring your connection to the world”