Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does CellWest Group do?

A: CWG is a retail development and management company in the mobile device repair sector. We have partnered with Cellairis, one of the world’s largest cell phone accessory and mobile device repair companies to open stores within Wal-Mart stores.

Q: Retail is a very tough business, what makes CWG so special?

A: You are correct, retail is a tough business, CWG’s leadership consists of entrepreneurs, C-Level executives and finance professionals with nearly 200 years cumulative experience capitalizing on opportunities just like this and scaling them for huge gains. Combine that with a growing market sector and built in retail traffic that is resident in Wal-Mart and you have an unparalleled opportunity.

Q: Can I buy a store and have CWG manage it?

A: CWG is not set up for single store management, rather we are geared to developing and operating specific branded stores (CELLAIRIS) in multi-unit configurations (8+ units per market) across the U.S.

Q: Where can I get more info?

A: Click here to set up a conference call so we can get more info to you and help you to decide if it is the right investment for your portfolio.